The improved cook stoves developed is tested in MNRE’s authorized test centers and approved by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Department, Govt. of India.

The standard has been prepared in line with the national approach towards fuel conservation, better environment, mitigating health hazards and loss of forest cover caused by burning of wood as cooking fuel. Moreover, the major material used in the manufacturing of the cook stoves is Mild Steel which is recyclable after end use and hence considered to be environmentally safe after lifetime also.

The metal made stove specifically suitable for ideal combustion of solid biomass and portability. The cook stove is a portable not only to carry elsewhere, but its portability causes for the cook stove as a ideal combustion device, to burn it in a free and airy space. It’s natural daftness is beneficial to use easily available biomass.

The cook stove broadly comprises of ideal combustion chamber. The chamber top plate is die cast and made up of cast iron, for holding the various types of heavy and light, big and small utensils. The grate is for holding fuel during combustion.

The bottom plate that facilitates ventilation of air to the combustion chamber, and also to take out the ash. One side of the chamber of improved cook stove is opened for feeding of fuel along with a stand to hold the fuel out of the chamber.

Each stove is designed to burn the fuel (wood or loose biomass) as completely as possible by optimizing the internal geometry and the air-to-fuel ratio. The area of contact between the hot flue gases and the vessel to be heated is maximized in order to increase the Useful heat. A specific design of the combustion chamber minimizes heat loss and reduce the risk of burning of direct fire.

Higher efficiency biomass fired cook stoves use as household appliances (29.88% as tested from MNRE approved centre) for cooking purpose. This will contribute in reduction of non-renewable biomass consumption which would have been otherwise consumed by less efficient cook stoves.

Use of non-renewable biomass is established through demonstration of gap between the demand of fire wood and culturally permissible production of biomass from forest and tree outside forest.
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