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Vikram Stoves & Fabricators, founded by Shri Vikram Kale in 1992, a first generation entrepreneur. Initially started with- Smokeless Basic Stove CPRI design BIS model, and NPIC program associated to Govt. of India, and Fabrication &engineering works.

Shri Vikram Kale, a young and determined entrepreneur from Osmanabad District of Maharashtra, decided to take up an initiative to make the life of village women little easier and healthier in an ecological way, with a dream to be part of energy sustainable rural india and support rural livelihood, woman empowerment and contribute towards the reduction of indoor air pollution.

National Biomass Cookstove Programme’s (NBCP) Objectives laid the guideline for Vikram’s endeavour, which states
  1. To develop and deploy improved biomass cook-stoves for cleaner cooking energy in rural, semi-urban and urban areas using easily available biomass as fuel for cooking.
  2. To mitigate health related concerns of women and children those because of using traditional Chula for cooking.
  3. To mitigate climate changes by reducing the carbon and other emissions resulting from burning biomass for cooking.
Vikram Stoves and Fabricators is a MNRE approved manufacturer of improved cook stoves having operation network in Maharashtra, have a facility state-of-the-art machines and equipment with a strength of over 20 employees in MIDC at Osmanabad With an objective of wide spread dissemination of improved cook stoves and facilitate continual usage at beneficiary level.

As the study of usage of the traditional chulha implies that for cooking purpose the energy required is obtained from the burning of wood in traditional chulhas. Because of inefficiency, those are found the devices of wasting energy and wood. On one side So many trees are to cut off for the firewood, on the other no plantation in the same speed. So day by day the forests are diminishing. With the concern of these things and in view of to improve the life of rural people by the way means, to provide them a zero maintenance improved chulha for which easily available biomass, agri. Waste, jungle wood, dung cake can be used as fuel, was developed. Further the improved chulha should be easy to handle and portable, it’s burning must be free from pollution and have to use optimum wood with full burning so that unnecessary use of wood can be avoided. Thus this must lead to reduce degradation and deforestation, was decided and was done.

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