The journey started with ‘Priyagni’ – the flagship product of Vikram Stoves – in due course faced many challenges, engaged in meticulous experimentations, sought expert advice through discussions and evolved with the most energy efficient and latest types of smokeless stove that is one and only of its kind. The Natural Draft type, domestic and community chulhas with a unique Secondary Air Technic to optimize the flow of oxygen and regulate the flame for best Combustion efficiency, are developed. These improved cook stoves(chulha) are tested at MNRE authorized test centers and approved by MNRE.

There are two categories developed according the use – Domestic for single household and Community for Public cooking needs like Restaurants, Canteens, Anganwadi, Dhabas etc. The category have two types fuel feeding – Front feeding and Top feeding.

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Bio Classic Bio Super Jumbo Regular Jumbo Super Cremotoria


  • The stove is manufactured using Mild Steel, casting and Aluminum.
  • The material used in manufacturing makes the stove portable and less energy losses.
  • Fuel use is 50 % less than that for traditional chulha.
  • Agriculture waste, Biomass, firewood, charcoal, dung cake can be used as Fuel.
  • Need not to buy special fuel as it is easily available.
  • Thermal energy efficiency is 28%, where as it is 5-12% for traditional earthen chulha.
  • Technic used of the stove has resulted in 70% reduction in indoor pollution.
  • Fulfill the Cooking needs of an average family size (up to 10 persons).
  • A Jumbo Size Stove can be used for preparing food for about 100 people. These stoves are being used in several commercial food industries.
  • The operational life of cook stove is 3 years & warranty is for 2 years.


  • Smoke free burning and heating because of proper Oxygen supply technic.
  • 50% less firewood requires than traditional stoves.
  • Reduction in indoor and other pollution ensures good health of persons & family
  • Saving in time for completing cooking.
  • Fuel need not to buy specially, hence saving.
  • Big role in nature conservation and Environment.
  • Ready to use; no need of installation. Strong and easy to carry.
  • Zero maintenance cost as other secondary supply like electricity or battery is not required.
  • Complete burning of fire wood so full utilities of used fuel
  • Secured for use-No flame exposing to avoid direct burning to the persons.
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