What is the material used to manufacture Vikram Chulha?

Mild Steel, Castings, which is completely reusable and recyclable material.

What is the weight of domestic Vikram Chulha? Can I carry it with me to another location?

Vikram domestic Bio Classic/Bio supper cook stoves weighs about 5 Kg. Those are provided handle so anybody can carry it. In fact it is designed for portability.

Does it require any power, electricity or battery charging?

Vikram cook stoves are of Natural Draft type. So need not additional electricity or battery backup.

What fuel can be used with Vikram Chulha?

Biomass, Agriculture waste, Dung cake Charcoal etc. can be used as fuel.

How long continuous can I use Vikram Chulha?

There is a time limit for continuous burning of those stoves available in market. No such limit for continuous burning of the Vikram Chulha.

Can I use any type of utensils with my Vikram Chulha?

Our stoves are designed to support and to use a small or big, light or heavy utensil.

Is there any regular maintenance required to be done, Or care should be taken to use it for long period ?

Not at all. There is no possibility of wear & tear for long period of use of the Vikram Chulha. Only regular cleaning and removing of ash after every use is recommended.

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