Product’s Contribution to sustainable development

Social benefits

  • Reduces drudgery of women and children of rural areas.
  • Reducing laborious working and distance travelling for fuel wood collection.
  • Reduction in time spending for cooking. The saved time can be used in productive activities etc.
  • Reduces pollution and conserve environment.
  • Reduces the hazardousness to overall health (particularly diseases related to respiratory system)of women and children.

Environmental benefits

  • Reduction in indoor and air pollution.
  • Reduces emission of black carbon to the atmosphere.
  • Improves the local environment by reducing rate of forest degradation /deforestation.

Economic benefits

  • Reduces the expenditure involved in collection or purchase of fuel wood.
  • Saves the valuable time.
  • After expiry of life term chulhas are of resale value.

Technological benefits

  • Introduction of new technics to the rural communities.
  • Local awareness and knowledge transfer to the community.
  • Know-how of demonstration of a successful project at household level.
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