Product Item No. C1
Name Improved Crematory
Use Cremation
Fuel Feeding solid fire wood
Made up of Material Cast Iron
Life 4 Years

Hindu religion believes in the Astral body along with the Physical Body of every being that is borne. When the physical body exhausts and expires, it is also believed that the astral body attached to the physical body made of sacred five elements (Pancha-Maha-Bhutas) will not be freed to its ultimate salvation unless the physical body is cremated and reduced to ashes i.e. to the Five Elements that formed it. This unwavering belief for centuries has its root in the cyclical reincarnation of the soul that Hindu philosophy establishes. All this demands a proper ritual to be conducted to cremate the lifeless body, properly and with firing wood pyre, particularly.

As the rural areas could not have the facilities electrical/diesel crematoria for various technical reasons as well as religious reasons as above, a properly fabricated crematorium for the villages is a necessity. We realized this need and designed an extremely appropriate metal fabricated stand with rigorous study of Anatomy as well as Cremation process. It is developed in accordance and with guidelines from Maharashtra Energy Development Agency. This is our effort to facilitate the sanctified in Hindu religion.

The normal cremation requires 350 kg to 400 kg solid fire wood for the ritual cremation, Where as the improved crematory requires only 250 to 300 kg fire wood. Thus improved Crematoria is very much cost effective. In the normal cremation the pyre may get disturbed and the unhappy situations may occur. No possibility of such things in case of the improved crematoria. Air supply from all sides helps for speedy burning in improved crematoria, and requires 50 % less fire wood. There is no wetness at the cremation place In rainy seasons as the water flows down the crematoria does not disturb the cremation. The improved crematoria can be fitted in any villages under any development scheme by the gram panchayat and Nagar panchayat.

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