According to WHO

“About 3 billion people cook and heat their homes using open fires and nearly 2 million people die from illness due to indoor air pollution resulting in around 600,000 deaths a year in India alone. Traditional wood burning stoves are terribly inefficient, unsustainable and polluting...”
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In the context of concerns over health, climate change and energy security, due to indoor pollution, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE) initiated a Special Project on Biomass Improved Cook stove (SPC) during 2009-10. However in India the Biomass Improved Chulha (cook stove) Programme was implemented as, National Programme for Improved Cook stoves (NPIC) from 1984 -2002, and National Biomass Cook stoves Initiative from 2009 which is presently ongoing. Govt. of India have issued the New guidelines on 27-6-2014 in this matter as Unnat Chulha Abhiyan. It is including a program of Biomass Improved Chulha (Cook Stoves).

For a Biomass Improved Cook Stove as ideal combustion device the points are to be consider as fallow.
  1. Input Material, wood or solid as fuel.
  2. Input energy from Fuel wood through combustion.
  3. Ambient air for combustion of fuel wood.
  4. Useful energy to Vessel.
  5. Energy losses as Energy lost from Vessels surface, Energy lost in flue gas, Energy lost from stove surface, Energy lost to the stove material, Energy lost in charcoal and ash.

Biomass Improved Cook Stoves from
Vikram Stoves and Fabricators

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) approved manufacturer of improved cook stoves having operation network in Maharashtra.

Based on Natural Draft process of combustion, our products have a unique Secondary Air Supply Technic to optimize the flow of controlled oxygen and regulate the flame for best combustion efficiency, along with transposing useful energy to the vessel, and minimizing the various types of energy losses.

Our Products

  • Biomass Improved Chulha Vikram Bio Classic (Cook Stove)
    - Fuel Front Feeding
  • Biomass Improved Chulha Vikram Bio Supper (Cook Stove)
    - Fuel Top Feeding
  • Biomass Improved Chulha Vikram Community Chulha (Cook Stove)
    - Fuel Top Feeding
  • Biomass Improved Chulha Vikram Community Chulha (Cook Stove)
    - Fuel Front Feeding
  • Improved Crematoria
    - Fuel used Solid Fire wood
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